Let’s take a closer look at offenses.

Offenses are normally a surprise. It contradicts your perception of a person and challenges your confidence in them. I would like to start off by asking you a question. How many of you have had someone in the body of Christ turn their back on you? I believe that would include everyone reading this!

Their are real offenses and then there are perceived offenses. I believe most offenses are perceived and are not real. Either the person was in a bad mode that offended you, they didn’t mean to offend you, or you just took it the wrong way.

Now there are real offenses. I have had people turn on Jessie and I maliciously. One moment people have your back then they seem to turn theirs. You have one image of them and then you see a different side and it has hurt us. It can be a very difficult thing to get ride of those offenses. You can not stop offenses from coming, but the great thing is that you just don’t have to accept them when they knock on the door.

There is a progress to offenses:

1.  You become critical and self-righteous.

- You begin to think higher of yourself and look down on others.

2.   You Lose your Joy.

- The longer you hold on to an offense the more joy you lose. No longer do you enjoy coming to church. What you use to find joy in you have become critical of. You use to think on things that were lovely and of good report and now you are critical of people and the church that God has called you to.

3.  You lose your true perception.

- Offenses are like glasses. You put them on and you see everyone and everything through your offenses. Your imagination runs wild and you just begin to think other people are against you.

4.  It hinders your production.

- Offenses will cause you to lose focus. Offenses demands to be in the forefront.

Let’s make sure that we keep focus on all that God has called us to do. Let go of offenses. Yes you have every right in the natural to be offended. Let us accepted God’s supernatural abilities and let go of offenses!

The bible tells us that it is an honor for us to let go of offense (Ps 20:3). Its us who have to let it go. We take the first step and God will help and be with us every step of the way! We must allow forgiveness to rule in our lives.

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